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Edie Brickell & New Bohemians: Ghost Of A Dog (1990)

Matt Chamberlain: Drums
Edie Brickell: Guitar, Guitar (Acoustic),
Tony Berg: Guitar, Keyboards
Wes Burt-Martin: Guitar, Guitar (Acoustic),
Guitar (Electric), Vocals (Background)
John Bush: Percussion
Larry Corbett: Cello
Paul Fox: Keyboards
Brad Houser: Bass
John Lydon: Vocals (Background)
David Mansfield: Guitar, Guitar (Acoustic)
Novi Novog: Viola
Sid Page: Violin
Jo-El Sonnier: Accordion
Daniel Timms: Piano
Paul "Wix" Wickens: Keyboards
Kenny Withrow: Dobro, Guitar,
Guitar (Acoustic),
Guitar (Electric),
Slide Guitar, Vocals (Background)
1. Mama Help Me
2. Black And Blue
3. Carmelito
4. He Said
5. Times Like This
6. 10,000 Angles
7. Ghost Of A Dog
8. Strings Of Love
9. Woyaho
10. Oak Cliff Bra
11. Stwisted
12. This Eye
13. Forgiven
14. Me By The Sea

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Satchel: EDC (1994)

Matt Chamberlain: Percussion
Regan Hagar: Drums, Keyboards
John Hoag: Guitar, Keyboards
Cory Kane: Bass, Keyboards
Nalgas: Saxophone
Shawn Smith: Drum Programming, Drums, Guitar, Keyboards, Piano, Vocals
1. Mr. Brown
2. Equilibrium
3. Taste It
4. Trouble Come Down
5. More Ways Than 3
6. Hollywood
7. O
8. Mr. Pink
9. Built 4 It
10. Mr. Blue
11. Willow
12. The Roof Almighty
13. Suffering

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The Wallflowers: Bringing Down The Horse (1996)

Matt Chamberlain: Drums
Mario Calire: Drums
Jakob Dylan: Guitar, Vocals
Rami Jaffee: Organ (Hammond), Piano, Vox Organ
Greg Richling: Bass
Michael Ward: Guitar
1. One Headlight
2. 6th Ave Heartache
3. Bleeders
4. Three Marlenas
5. The Difference
6. Invisible City
7. Laughing Out Loud
8. Josephine
9. God Don't Make Lonely Girls
10. Angel On My Bike
11. I Wish I Felt Nothing

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Skyward: Skyward (1997)

Matt Chamberlain: Drums, Percussion
Jon Auer: Wah Wah Guitar
Steven Ball: Guitar
Pam Barger: Drums
Billy Tipton Memorial Saxophone Quartet: Ensemble
Rick Boston: Guitar
Robert Burns: Cello
Amy Denio: Sax (Alto), Vocals
John Franklin: Accordion, Mellotron
Jessy Greene: Violin
Serge Gubelman: Diembe, Harp, Oboe
Gavin Guss: Trumpet
Phil Hurley: Guitar
Maya Johnson: Sax (Tenor)
Jessica Lurie: Sax (Tenor)
Robert Mackusick: Violin
Barbara J. Marino: Sax (Baritone)
Tommy Martin: Guitar
Mike Musburger: Drums
Marc Olsen: Dobro, Guitar, Pedal Steel Guitar
William Rieflin: Drums
Todd Robbins: Sampling, Turntables
Harris Thurmond: Guitar
Brian Young: Drums, Percussion
1. Such A Small Room
2. Sundial Mohammedi
3. If You Can
4. Once Of The Earth
5. Por Aqui Por Aqui
6. Dunderhead
7. Position Fatal
8. Today (I Wish That I Could Tell)
9. Lightswitch
10. By The Wayside
11. Pay To Pray
12. All Raised The Same
13. Searching For The Moon Music Stout
14. Taxi De L'Espace

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Fiona Apple: Tidal (1997)

Matt Chamberlain: Drums, Percussion
Fiona Apple: Optigan, Piano, Vocals
George Black: Drum Programming, Drums
Jon Brion: Chamberlain, Dulcitone,
Guitar, Harp,
Marimba, Optigan,
Piano, Tack Piano,
Larry Corbett: Cello
Danny Frankel: Drums
Rob Laufer: Guitar
Sarah Lee: Bass
Greg Leisz: Guitar (Steel), Pedal Steel Guitar
Amber Maggart: Harmony Vocals, Vocals
Ralph Morrison: Violin
Claudia Parducci: Violin
Greg Richling: Bass
Dan Rothchild: Bass
Andrew Slater: Optigan
Patrick Warren: Chamberlain, Piano
Evan Wilson: Viola
1. Sleep To Dream
2. Sullen Girl
3. Shadowboxer
4. Criminal
5. Slow Like Honey
6. The First Taste
7. Never Is A Promise
8. The Child Is Gone
9. Pale September
10. Carrion

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Pigeonhed: Full Sentence (1997)

Matt Chamberlain: Drums, Percussion
Carrie Akre: Vocals (Background)
Jerry Cantrell: Guitar (Rhythm)
Helios Creed: Guitar
Steve Fisk: Keyboards, Loops,
Noise, Organ (Hammond),
Piano, Synthesizer,
Wayne Rhino Flower: Bass
Greg Freeman: Bass
Regan Hagar: Drums
Mark Pickerel: Drums
Riz Rollins: Vocals (Background)
Shawn Smith: Drums, Guitar,
Keyboards, Mellotron,
Organ (Hammond), Vocals,
Vocals (Background)
Kim Thayil: Guitar
Reggie Watts: Vocals (Background)
1. It's Like the Man Said
2. The Full Sentence
3. Marry Me
4. Keep On Keepin' On
5. Battle Flag
6. Glory Bound
7. P-Street
8. Phunpurephun
9. Who's To Blame
10. 31st of July
11. More Than Just A Girl
12. Fire's Comin' Down
13. For Those Gone On
14. Honor

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Tori Amos: From The Choirgirl Hotel (1998)

Matt Chamberlain: Drums,
Tori Amos: Guitar,
Kurzweil Synthesizer,
Piano, Vocals
Stuart Boyle: Guitar
Steve Caton: Guitar,
Guitar (Acoustic),
Guitar (Electric),
Justin Meldal-Johnsen: Bass
Al Perkins: Pedal Steel Guitar
George Porter, Jr.: Bass
Willy Porter: Guitar
1. Spark
2. Cruel
3. Black Dove (January)
4. Raspberry Swirl
5. Jackie's Strength
6. iieee
7. Liquid Diamonds
8. She's Your Cocaine
9. Northern Lad
10. Hotel
11. Playboy Mommy
12. Pandora's Aquarium

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Chris Isaak: Speak Of The Devil (1998)

Matt Chamberlain Drums
Chris Isaak: Guitar, Vocals
Kenney Dale Johnson: Drums, Vocals
Rowland Salley: Bass, Vocals
Hershel Yatovitz: Guitar, Vocals
Curt Bisquera  
Steve Ferrone  
Frank Martin  
David Palmer  
John Pierce  
Jimmy Pugh  
Wendy Walker  
Patrick Warren  
Terry Wood  
1. Please
2. Flying
3. Walk Slow
4. Breaking Apart
5. This Time
6. Speak Of The Devil
7. Like The Way She Moves
8. Wanderin
9. Don't Get So Down On Yourself
10. Black Flowers
11. I'm Not Sleepy
12. Lonely Nights
13. Talkin' 'Bout A Home
14. Super Magic 2000

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Fiona Apple: When The Pawn Hits The Conflicts (1999)

Matt Chamberlain: Drums, Percussion
Fiona Apple: Piano, Vocals
Robert Becker: Viola
Charlie Bisharat: Violin
Mike Breaux: Woodwind
Denyse Buffman: Viola
Eve Butler: Violin
Susan Chatman: Violin
Greg Cohen: Bass
Larry Corbett: Cello
Mike Elizondo: Bass
Armen Garabedian: Violin
Berj Garabedian: Violin
Scott Haupert: Viola
Suzie Katayama: Cello
Wendell Kelly: Horn
Jim Keltner: Drums
Peter Kent: Violin
Brian Leonard: Violin
Maria Newman: Viola
Robert Peterson: Violin
Michele Richards: Violin
Edmund Stein: Violin
Patrick Warren: Chamberlain, Wurlitzer
John Wittenberg: Violin
1. On The Bound
2. To Your Love
3. Limp
4. Love Ridden
5. Paper Bag
6. A Mistake
7. Fast As You Can
8. The Way Things Are
9. Get Gone
10. I Know

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Macy Gray: On How Life Is (1999)

Matt Chamberlain: Drums, Percussion
Macy Gray: Vocals (Background)
Steve Baxter: Horn
Dawn Beckman: Vocals (Background)
Jon Brion: Chamberlain,
Guitar, Marimba,
Orchestra Bells,
Piano, Synthesizer
Lenny Castro: Percussion
Charlie Green: Horn
Michael Harris: Horn
Rami Jaffee: Synthesizer
Jay Joyce: Guitar
Gabriel Moses: Guitar
Greg Richling: Bass
Jeremy Ruzumna: Clavinet,
Farfisa Organ,
Fender Rhodes,
Moog Synthesizer,
Organ, Piano,
Piano (Electric),
Vocals (Background)
Sye Smith: Vocals (Background)
Miles Om Tackett: Guitar
Patrick Warren: Chamberlain,
Synthesizer, Vibraphone
David Wilder: Bass,
Vocals (Background)
Benny Williams: Guitar
1. Why Didn't You Call Me
2. Do Something
3. Caligula
4. I Try
5. Sex-O-Matic Venus Freak
6. I Can't Wait To Meetchu
7. Still
8. I've Committed Murder
9. A Moment To Myself
10. The Letter

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Tori Amos: To The Venus And Back (1999)

Matt Chamberlain: Drums
Tori Amos: Keyboards,
Steve Caton: Guitar
John Chamberlain: Drums, Percussion
Jon Evans: Bass
CD 1 (Neues Studio Material)
4.glory of the 80's
8.riot poof
10.spring haze
11.1000 oceans

CD 2 (live)
1.precious things
3.Cornflake Girl
4.bells for her
6.cooling zebra on my tongue
10.little earthquakes dog
13.Purple People

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The Wallflowers: Breach (2000)

Matt Chamberlain: Drums
Frank Black: Vocals (Background)
Mario Calire: Drums
Elvis Costello: Vocals (Background)
Joel Derouin: Strings
Jakob Dylan: Guitar,
Vocals (Background)
Rami Jaffee: Keyboards,
Vocals (Background)
Buddy Judge: Vocals (Background)
Ken Kugler: Horn
Gary Louris: Vocals (Background)
Christopher Penn: Vocals (Background)
Michael Penn: Vocals (Background)
Karie Prescott: Strings
Michelle Richards: Strings
Greg Richling: Bass,
Vocals (Background)
Michael Ward: Guitar,
Vocals (Background)
1. Letters From The Wasteland
2. Hand Me Down
3. Sleepwalker
4. I've Been Delivered
5. Witness
6. Some Flowers Bloom Dead
7. Mourning Train
8. Up From Under
9. Murder 101
10. Birdcage

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Jessica Riddle: Key Of A Minor (2000)

Rusty Anderson: Guitar
Curt Bisquera: Drums,
Kim Bullard: Keyboards
Matt Chamberlain: Drums
Davey Faragher: Bass
Steve Farris: Guitar
Stuart Mathis: Guitar
Jamie Muhoberac: Keyboards
John Pierce: Bass
Tim Pierce: Guitar
Michael Ward: Guitar
1. I Want You
2. Sadly Beautiful
3. Symphony
4. Even Angels Fall
5. I'm Sorry
6. Your Girl
7. Everything
8. For Wowser
9. Indifference
10. Dreams Will Fade
11. Gone

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Splattercell: Oah (2000)

Matt Chamberlain: Drums
Zachary Alford: Drums
Fima Ephron: Bass
Abraham Laboriel: Drums, Voices
Dean Sharp: Drums
David Torn: Guitar,
1. Hedewa
2. Romance W/ Space Also Letting Go
3. Shumri
4. Wave From Water
5. Busy Cutting Crap
6. Is Love
7. A Dozen Books To Break The Fall
8. Idiomsnacktreat
9. Chrysanthemum Bang
10. Unravelled
11. Wake Up & Smell The Corpses

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