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Sweet Relief: A Benefit For Victoria Williams (Sampler/ 1993)

Line-Up zu Crazy Mary  
Dave Abbruzzese: Drums
Victoria Williams: Guitar, Vocals..
Eddie Vedder: Vocals
Stone Gossard: Acoustic Guitar
Mike McCready: Guitar
Brendan O'Brien: B-3
Jeff Ament: Bass
1. Soul Asylum - Summer Of Drugs
2. Lucinda Williams - Main Road
3. Pearl Jam - Crazy Mary
4. Buffalo Tom - Merry Go Round
5. Micheal Penn - Weeds
6. Shudder To Think - Animal Wild
7. Lou Reed - Tarbelly And Featherfoot
8. Maria McKee - Opelousas (Sweet Relief)
9. Matthew Sweet - This Moment
10. Evans Dando - Frying Pan
11. The Jayhawks - Lights
12. The Waterboys - Why Look At The Moon
13. Giant Sand - Big Fish
14. Michelle Shocked - Holy Spirit



Jimi Hendrix Tribute: In From The Storm (1995)

Dave Abbruzzese: Drums
Erik Schenkman: Guitars
Noel Redding: Bass on 'Burning...'
Billy Cox: Bass on 'In From the Storm'
Cory Glover: Vocals on 'In From the Storm'
Doug Pinnick: Vocals on 'Burning...'
1. ...And The Gods Made Love
2. Have You Ever Been (To Electric Ladyland)
3. Rainy Day, Dream Away
4. The Wind Cries Mary
5. Spanish Castle Magic
6. Little Wing
7. In From The Storm
8. Drifting
9. Bold As Love
10. Burning Of The Midnight Lamp
11. Purple Haze
12. One Rainy Wish

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Nicklebag: 12 Hits & A Bump (1995)

Dave Abbruzzese: Drums
Bernard Fowler: Vocals
Darryl Jones: Bass
Stevie Salas: Guitars
1. Love Song (All Up In My World)
2. Hit It And Quit It
3. I Will
4. Indanee
5. Turning The Other Way
6. Too Many Mountains (Big Daddy Mix)
7. Sweet Thang
8. Don't Know Why I Love You
9. Grow
10. Repetition
11. Soul Search (Mother Mix)
12. Win
13. Hots On For Nowhere (Bump Track)
14. Soul Search (Bonus Bump - Nicklebag Mix)

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Stevie Salas Colorcode: Alter Native (1996)

Dave Abbruzzese: Drums, Percussion
Stevie Salas: Vocals, Guitar, Bass Guitar
Melvin Brannon: Bass Guitar
1. Break It Out (The Legend Of Johnny Puerco)
2. Make Me Blank
3. Fear
4. I'm Missing You
5. Do Your Own Thang
6. Hootchie Toad
7. May God Bless You
8. Alter Native
9. Alone In A Crowd
10. Believing Is Seeing
11. What Do I Have To Do To Prove My Love To You

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Green Romance Orchestra: Play Parts I & V (1997)

Dave Abbruzzese: Drums,
Joe Cripps: Shaker,
Doug Neil: Bass,
Acoustic Guitar,
Slide Guitar
Darrell Phillips: Bass,
Electric Guitar
J. Paul Slavens: Accordian,
Electric Guitar,
1. Brittle
2. Don't (Choices)
3. High
4. So What If I Am
5. Tree
6. Dust
7. Second Sight
8. Sleep
9. Look Away
10. Waiting For Sid
11. Bogey Had Leeches
12. In...Out...It
13. Remains
14. Given The Time

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Nicklebag: Mas Feedback (1997)

Dave Abbruzzese: Drums (Track 2)
Bernard Fowler: Vocals
Stevie Salas: Guitars
Doug Wimbish: Bass
Brian Tichy: Drums
Bernie Worrell: Keyboards
Darryl Jones: Bass
Lisa Fischer: Backing Vocals
1. Grow
2. Sweet Thang
3. Love Song (All Up In My World)
4. Don't Know Why I Love You
5. Hit It And Quit It
6. Turning The Other Way
7. Too Many Mountains
8. Only Happy When It Rains
9. Soul Search
10. Dope Fiend
11. Repetition
12. I Will
13. Walrus
14. Grooveline (Bonus Bump)

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Stevie Salas Colorcode: The Sometimes Almost Never Was (1998)

Dave Abbruzzese: Drums, Percussion
Stevie Salas: Vocals, Guitar, Bass Guitar
Brian Tichy: Drums
Dan Rothchild: Bass Guitar
Dave Judy: Piano & Rhodes
Mike Garson: Piano
Elliot Easton: Guitar
1. Dedication
2. Kickback
3. Overground
4. My Someday's Coming
5. Caught In A Moment
6. Superball
7. Bring It On
8. A Dedication To You
9. You And I
10. Morning Song
11. The Turquoise Warrior Spirits

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Hairy Apes BMX: Out Demons (2001)

Dave Abbruzzese: Assorted Treatments and Freakments,
B. vox,
Engineered & Mixed by Dave Abbruzzese
Produced by Dave Abbruzzese for Free Association Records
Zack Baird: Analog & Digital Keyboards, Vocals
J.J. Richards: Bassments, Vocals
Jon Speice: Drums, Percussion
Mike Dillon: Vibraphone, Percussion, Drummings, Vocals
1. Seeing Eye Dog
2. Swordfish
3. No Guerra
4. Buck Naked Stomp
5. Poison Water
6. Out Demons
7. Cal Dreams
8. Miss You Cumbia
9. Speed Queen
10. 1, 3, 5

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