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Red Hot Chili Peppers: Uplift Mofo Party Plan (1987)

Jack Irons: Drums
Anthony Kiedis: Vocals
Flea: Bass
Slovak: Guitar, Sitar
Michael Beinhorn: Vocals (Background)
Norwood Fisher: Vocals (Background)
David Kendly: Vocals (Background)
David Kenoly: Vocals (Background)
Angelo Moore: Vocals (Background)
Annie Newman: Vocals (Background)
Dean Markely: Drums
1. Fight Like A Brave
2. Funky Crime
3. Me & my Friends
4. Backwoods
5. Skinny Sweaty Man
6. Behind the Sun
7. Subterranean Homesick Blues
8. special secret song inside
9. No Chump Love Sucker
10.Walkin' on Down the Road
12.Organic Anti Beat Box Band

Label: Capitol (Universal Music)
EAN: 0724354037924

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Eleven: Awake In A Dream (1991)

Jack Irons: Drums
Alain Johannes: Guitar, Vocals
Natasha Sneider: Bass, Clavinet, Organ, Piano, Vocals
1. All Together
2. Break The Spell
3. Learning To Be
4. Rainbow's End
5. Before Your Eyes
6. Burning Your Bed
7. Flying
8. I Wanna See No Back
9. You Are Mine
10. Water And Power
11. Down
12. Message To You

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Eleven: Eleven (1993)

Jack Irons: Drums
Alain Johannes: Guitar, Vocals
Natasha Sneider: Bass, Clavinet, Organ, Piano, Vocals
1. Crash Today
2. Reach Out
3. Towers
4. Hieronymus
5. Let Down (Left Out, Laughed At)
6. Yes, Alright
7. Ava Tar
8. Slinky
9. Runaway

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Reality Bites (Soundtrack/1994)

Jack Irons: Drums
Ethan Hawke: Vocals
Nathan Aibinder: Guitar
Christpher Wagner: Bass
Line-Up zu I´m Nuthin´ - Ethan Hawke  
1. My Sharona - The Knack
2. Spin The Bottle - Juliana Hatfield
3. Bed Of Roses - The Indians
4. When You Come Back To Me - World Party
5. Going, Going, Gone - The Posies
6. Stay - Lisa Leob & Nine Stories
7. All I Want Is You - U2
8. Locked Out - Crowded House
9. Spinning Around Over - Lenny Kravitz
10. I'm Nuthin' - Ethan Hawke
11. Turnip Farm - Dinosaur Jr.
12. Revival - Me Phi Me
13. Tempted - Squeeze
14. Baby I Love Your Way - Big Mountain

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Eleven: Thunk (1995)

Jack Irons: Drums on Track 1,2,5,6,7,10,11
Alain Johannes: Guitar, Vocals
Natasha Sneider: Bass, Clavinet, Organ, Piano, Vocals
Matt Cameron: Drums on Track 3,4,8,9
1. Nature Wants To Kill Me
2. Coming Down
3. Why
4. Seasick Of You
5. You Will Know
6. Awful Lot
7. Tomorrow Sleeps
8. Big Sleep
9. No Ground
10.Kneeling On One Knee

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Neil Young: Mirrorball (1995)

Jack Irons: Drums
Jeff Ament: Bass, Guitar (Bass)
Stone Gossard: Guitar (Electric)
Mike McCready: Guitar (Electric)
Brendan O'Brien: Guitar (Electric), Piano, Vocals (Background)
Eddie Vedder: Vocals (Background)
Neil Young: Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric), Organ, Organ (Pump), Vocals
1. Song X
2. Act of Love
3. I'm The Ocean
4. Big Green Country
5. Truth Be Known
6. Downtown
7. What Happened Yesterday
8. Peace and Love
9. Throw Your Hatred Down
10. Scenery
11. Fallen Angel

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Jack Irons: Attention Dimension (2004)

Jack Irons: drums, percussion, keyboard Bass, synthesizer, organ, guitar, vocals
Alian Johannes: flute, soprano saxophone, Marxophone, vocals, electric mridangam, horns, siggfiddle, tambourine, guitars, banjo, slide guitar, sarod (track 1,2,4,5,7,8,10,11)
Flea: electric bass (track 2, 9)
Natasha Shneider: keyboards, electric bass, piano, vocals (track 4,5)
Stone Gossard: guitars (track 9)
Jeff Ament: fretless Bass (track 7)
Eddie Vedder: vocals (track 5)
Les Claypool: electric bass (track 5)
1. Jackie Groove
2. Suluhiana
3. Ocean's Light
4. Hearing It Doubled
5. Shine On You Crazy Diamond
6. Underwater Circus Music
7. Dunes
8. Come Running
9. Water Song
10. Breaking Sea
11. Aquaman's Electric Band

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