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Caustic Resin: Medicine Is All Gone (1998)

Dave Krusen: Drums
James Dillon: Drums, Guitar
Brett Netson: Bass, Guitar, Vocals
1. Cable
2. Niacin
3. Hate In Your...
4. Once & Only
5. Dripping
6. Half Step
7. Salam Ander
8. Man From Michigan
9. You Lie
10. Station Argent
11. Mysteries Of.../Hold Your Head Up Traditional
12. Enough
13. Untitled
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Candlebox: Happy Pills (1998)

Dave Krusen: Drums, Percussion
Kim Bullard: Organ, Piano
Peter Klett: Guitar
Bardi Martin: Bass
Kevin Martin: Guitar, Vocals
1. 10,000 Horses
2. Happy Pills
3. Blinders
4. It's Alright
5. A Stone's Trow Away
6. So Real
7. Offerings
8. Sometimes
9. Step Back
10. Belmore Place
11. Breakaway
12. Look What You've Done
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Unified Theory: Unified Theory (2000)

Dave Krusen:
Jon Bolton: Drums
Chris Shinn: Guitar
Brad Smith: Baritone, Drums, Flute, Organ, Percussion
Matthew Steer: Drums
Christopher Thorn: Guitar, Lap Steel Guitar, Mandolin, Mellotron, Piano
1. Cessna
2. California
3. Instead Of Running
4. Wither
5. The Sun Will Come
6. A.M. Radio
7. Fin
8. Self Medicate
9. Passive
10. Full Flavor
11. Not Dead
12. Keep On
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Novatone: Time Can't Wait (2005)

Dave Krusen: Drums
Ty Willman:
Rob Lyons: Guitar
Rob Knop:

Cody Davis: Bass
1. Midnight
2. Goods
3. Perfect
4. Old House
5. Easy as You Love
6. Borrowing
7. Hand Me Downs
8. Does She Want Me
9. Giving In
10. I Know, I Know
11. This Time
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