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Binaural - 2000

Erschienen am 15. Mai 2000

Eddie Vedder - Vocals, Guitar
Stone Gossard - Guitar
Jeff Ament - Bass
Matt Cameron - Drums
Mike McCready - Guitar

bin·au·ral [bi náwrel, bináwrel] adjective
1.involving both ears: relating to both ears, or the perception of sound by both ears stereo: recorded onto two separate channels using two microphones, so as to sound realistic when heard through headphones

Label: Sony
EAN: 0074646366523

Jetzt für EUR 24,10 bei kaufen!


  1. Breakerfall 
  2. God's Dice
  3. Evacuation 
  4. Light Years
  5. Nothing As It Seems 
  6. Thin Air  
  7. Insignificance 
  8. Of The Girl  
  9. Grievance  
  10. Rival  
  11. Sleight Of Hand  
  12. Soon Forget  
  13. Parting Ways